Tanner Bennett are installers of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems which make use of the sun to provide electricity to your home. In a recent study the major cause for concern for people in the UK today is the accelerating cost of electricity, each year running costs grow more than 10% and looks like continuing unabated into the future now the Government has guaranteed £94 a mega-watt to the French prices are due to more than double in the next 7 years. The facts are that the efficiency of the panels is increasing whilst the costs of installing are reducing so the economics of having a PV system is shortening because payback is over a short rather than medium term so it makes perfect sense right now to enquire about having a PV system so have a survey done now which gives facts (not generalities) about your home and after being given the facts and the choice is then yours.

Tanner Bennett now with their heating and ventilation options offer the installation of the internal systems for using Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) fitted outside – recoup costs are based on how efficiently your system works, the type of system you’re replacing, whether you qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive payments and if you’ll be using the heat generated from the pump.