Tanner Bennett pride themselves that we keep up with the latest in technology and innovation for controlling our homes. Many options exist today that you can chose from and is down to the individual choice for access to homes remotely via your telephone and setting its security processes or setting it to respond to your entry to the home or individual room or automatically to a pre-set number of instructions is easily achievable to make your home an intelligent and efficient one and from outside it always looks occupied.

The complexity of system, its type and layout is down to your choice there are a lot of options such as necessities like heating, air conditioning and environmental controls, lighting systems and data and communication and being visible remotely showing outputs from cameras on your CCTV if your security has been triggered or you simply want to check things are OK.

The world of choice awaits you with the latest home multi-room audio and home cinema systems using SMART technology using the most modern data and communications with back- up power systems for constant management and control of the home and its energy outputs.

Please click on any of the links below to learn more on some of the systems we install:

www.rakocontrols.com  l  www.control4.com   l  www.lutron.com/Europe