Tanner Bennett undertake large works (new build or refurbishment) in care homes, schools and offices. These large works have demands which sometime require working whilst the premises are occupied by residents, staff & students. Management of the works and its health and safety implications is a major concern and we are well versed in doing these works effectively.

We are a size of electrical & mechanical contractor with a multiplicity of skills, knowledge, experience and systems to deliver the huge range of product and services to meet the demands.

The aim of these care homes is to help elderly people live as independent a life as possible within the community, whilst at the same time providing them with a degree of support tailored to individual needs and Tanner Bennett deliver this. As well as the individuals who live in the care home there is a requirement for the building to be a place of work so a part of these commercial works is in the delivery of cabling for Information Technology, Fire, Security and Emergency Lighting systems with the addition of MVHR and PV systems to the project improves residents health and wellbeing and costs and the effects on the environment are improved.

Schools are other large works which Tanner Bennett are well versed in managing and completing and ensure a customer’s requirements and timelines are met. Generally a shutdown or holidays limit these works and we know the major issues and financial implications which can occur for the client for late delivery. Tanner Bennett are able to put together sizeable teams to produce results in a short time frame and working with other trades and assisting site management to meet the customer deadlines. Working in these large works generally we find has an advantage for our clients because of the scope and range of what Tanner Bennett provides means the customer can reduce the number of contractors he employees because Tanner Bennett are fast becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for your electrical systems requirements.