Tanner Bennett has knowledge and experience in BMS where the system monitors itself for faults and problems and then feeds back information to the on-site maintenance department or an off-site service provider on the mechanical systems (heating, ventilation or air conditioning etc) to identify a problem which needs repair or replacement. Tanner Bennett has been working with the manufacturers and been able to include other systems into the BMS such as Ventilation, Lighting, Power, Fire, Security, Access Control, CCTC, Air Conditioning and Lift Systems straight into the fault recognition process and advise the operator / maintainer / service provider of the fault in question and its location.

It must be noted that these BMS are intelligent systems that trigger fault recognition and different systems may have its own limitations. Within some of these identified systems activity such as a Fire Alarm or Security breach is handled via their own controls and the Fire Brigade or the Police are signaled. A fault via our delivered systems are wired so they do not trigger alarms – they are operated so faults happen the operator or service provider advised when the happens and replacement or repair activity started immediately.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your individual requirements early in the process so we can bring our expertise to the table with your designers and the manufacturers so a solution can be found to any BMS.