We live in a society of rules and regulations and historic homes and buildings which have preservation orders on them. These listings can be difficult to meet and adhere to because of the very nature of the property is old and unique. These bespoke projects invariably involve more time and planning and our directors and project managers are happy to be involved and use their knowledge and experience at all stages of the planning and works.

Design and delivery for Tanner Bennett means working very closely with the Client their Designers and Interior Designers because these homes are lived in and have an immense amount of pride invested into them and achieving results is what Tanner Bennett prides itself on. By working with the individual teams we can keep the history and be creative in delivering the results by using the latest technologies for that wow factor!

Bespoke for us can also be in terms of a unique or specialist electrical works where innovation and solutions cannot be bought out of a box. Our technical knowledge and experience base is used extensively so we can provide ‘out of the box’ thinking with guarantees that our recommendations and that it will fully operate to the satisfaction of the client. These bespoke creations demand a design and development phase and if you want, Tanner Bennett will do the full design and specification phase for customers and turn a blank canvas into an inviting living space to ensure that lighting, power and other electrical features are placed in such a way as to deliver the client’s requirements. We have worked on many bespoke refurbishments and always strive to give the client the best possible look, feel and design when considering their needs.